Casino Comps Explained

What exactly are casino comps? This is a common question that is regularly asked by people who do not have much idea about this term. To put it in simple terms casino comps are nothing but the acronym for the terms casino complimentary. Complimentary points are something that are regular issued by online and offline casinos with the main objective of allowing players to continue with their gambling activities. However there is a slight difference in the way that casino comps work in a brick and mortar environment when compared to an online environment. In a physical environment the moment you enter the casino outlet you become a part of the players' club and you are given a tracking cards. These cards have a magnetic strip which helps the casino to keep track with the number of games that you are playing the amount of money that you are gambling. The more you gamble the more number of casino comps you become eligible.

However in an online environment the situation is slightly different. Here the play is followed electronically and when you are entitled for comps the same comes in the form of chips which you can redeem for newer games. There are some land based casinos which offer some freebies in exchange for these casino comps. They offer free drinks. You can just bet a $10 dollar on a slot machine, take a break have a free drink sand then go back to playing again. Basically the main objective of such complimentary offers is to entice the player to stay hooked to the casino site as long as he possibly can.

However it is very important to have the right kind of information which is available on the internet before you are able to make the right use of such casino comps. There are many casinos which allow you to choose the type of compliment that you wish to enjoy redeeming such complimentary coupons or chips.